About Elise

Follow Your dream while I follow mine!

My mission is to inspire and enthuse others to follow their dream and work on their own terms with great job satisfaction, freedom, fulfillment and success.

Nice to meet you!

I am Elise van Holten and since September 2015 a proud entrepeneur in South Africa. After 28 years of working experience in the financial sector in a variety of roles, I chased my dream. My full resume can be seen here and shows that I am broadly applicable.

I work remotely, have no or at most 1 hour time difference with the Netherlands and am flexible. Mutual trust is the secret to our successful cooperation. I will make every effort to establish a confidential, professional relationship with you. Your outsourced work is in experienced hands. I am your multitasker from which I get tremendous energy.

Fast. Efficient. Proactive.

Elise is really a super organizer. She can multitask, is very solution-oriented and has excellent empathy. I would highly recommend her to anyone who could use a virtual assistant!


As a former colleague of Elise, I can say with confidence that she is an insane asset to any team/company. Her flexibility, positivity and decisiveness are her strengths, in addition to the helicopter view she is so good at keeping. Elise switches effortlessly between different tasks and always remains calm and focused, even under pressure. Her ability to see the bigger picture and communicate quickly makes her a valuable partner in any collaboration. I highly recommend Elise to anyone looking for a reliable and competent virtual assistant.

Hilde Bakx

Freelance Virtual Assistant

What can you expect from Elise?

Positivity | Speed | Confidence | Commitment | Peace of mind and overview | Thinking in possibilities| Office Manager | Virtual Assistant | Management Assistant | Planner | Reliable | Punctual | Organized | Married | Dutch in South Africa | Sociable | Self-employed | Knows how to get things done | Not afraid of deadlines | Multitasker |

What do you pay?

For the work I take off your hands and support you to be successful, we agree on a fee. No Dutch VAT is applicable. Invoicing monthly in arrears based on hours worked. Payment via Payoneer or Wise.

Ready to get acquainted?

Every collaboration begins with that first contact. No task is too small, your question is not strange. I would be happy to tell you more about my capabilities.

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